‘Young players need freedom of expression to develop as creative players……..they should be encouraged to try skills without fear of failure.’ Arsene Wenger, ex-Arsenal Manager

Coaching Philosophy

  • Ensure children enjoy each session and leave with a smile on their face.
  • Provide a safe environment that is rooted in mutual respect so that learning is maximised. 
  • Deliver coaching sessions which reflect the academy playing philosophy and focus on the key development areas.
  • Maximise practice time through careful session planning.
  • Give players experience of playing different positions and formations.
  • Provide support for each individual to ensure they are given maximum opportunity to progress in all development areas.

Playing Philosophy

In Possession

  • Play with freedom, enjoyment and show no fear of failure.
  • Show personality by being expressive and imaginative.
  • Use short quick passing interchanges and individual creativity to enhance scoring opportunities.

Out of Possession

  • Deny opponents space and time.
  • Show personality through aggression to regain possession.
  • Be intelligent and adaptable to defend effectively in any position.
  • Anticipate and read situations rather than react.